Personality Development – The Real Scoop

The attributes and superior of personality development is bent by the attributes and superior of a person’s choices. If choices are acutely selfish, the attributes and superior of an individual’s personality will be abrogating and destructive. Whereas, if best are consistently based aloft what the alone senses and knows is admiring and right, the attributes and superior of the personality will be absolute and nurturing.

Contrary to medical opinion, anniversary of the key factors that access personality development is in abode and accessible afore a babyish leaves his or her mother’s womb.

Psychiatric theories affirmation that a person’s personality develops in “specific accelerating stages” afterwards we are born; such theories are absolutely abstract and not ashore in reality. Those declared stages do not exist, nor do they activity as psychiatrists claim.

The declared personality stages allegedly activity in means agnate to concrete stages of development I.e. crawling, walking, running. concrete development stages do arise to be valid; however, that is not the case for the development of our alone personalities or our basal cerebral abilities.


Personality starts evolving while we are in the womb. The important factors that access personality are able-bodied able by the time a being alcove aboriginal childhood.

Every alone intention, choice, attitude, thought, feeling, action, and acknowledgment affects personality development in either abrogating or absolute ways. Essentially, a person’s alone personality develops in one of two ways: 1. with mostly appropriate choices, or, 2. with mostly amiss choices.

Extremely egocentric bodies advance abortive (toxic) personalities over time with abounding ongoing, selfish, wrong, dishonest, capricious choices.

Positive and advantageous personalities are congenital with a majority of ongoing, unselfish, right, loving, truthful, acquiescently amenable choices.

All of us egocentric bodies accept called to access activity in either a basically affronted or basically aflutter way. The accurate way becomes the axiological way that we selfishly ascendancy as we attack to get what we want, or to abstain what we do not wish in situations and relationships. Whether a being is basically affronted or basically aflutter is accession key agency in how a personality will acknowledge itself.

Every fetus has subconsciously fabricated his or her agnate disposition ancestor his or her “favored-parent.” Then, the fetus will advance to subconsciously take-on (download) that accurate parent’s above “selfish behavior patterns and pattern-ideas. The achievement of those behavior patterns and pattern-ideas, makes the adolescent behave and acknowledge in means that are agnate as his or her favored-parent. Enacting egocentric behavior patterns is accession agency that influences personality and personality development.

Unless we accept to accomplish a core-level about-face in how we are abutting life, we will abide to ascendancy our personality and behavior with account that are accompanying to our basal egocentric disposition, parent-related abrogating agreements, and egocentric behavior patterns. As we abound older, personality is aswell afflicted by claimed activity adventures and behavior acquired throughout childhood, teen, and developed years.


Many theorists accent “learning” as a above agency in personality development and behavior. No one doubts there are abundant brainy and concrete tasks that crave acquirements and the accretion of specific abstracts in incremental acquirements stages. For example, to do algebra correctly, we accept to accept acquired above-mentioned compassionate of added algebraic abilities such as addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Moreover, if a being wishes to body a computer or a skyscraper, there is abundant abstruse ability that he or she accept to aboriginal learn. The aforementioned is accurate of acquirements and practicing specific abilities to become able at a sport. Nevertheless, that does not administer to a person’s appearance and personality development. They are absolutely altered issues.

Personality ancestry do not depend on learning. Personality ancestry are aswell not congenital or preset at conception. Again, personality develops during actual aboriginal activity from a alternation of advisedly fabricated absolute or abrogating choices.